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How The Internet Has Changed News Reporting

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How The Internet Has Changed News Reporting

The recent disasters that ravaged several Indian Ocean countries, the Philippines, Vietnam, China and some others have shown definitely what the Internet can do in making the world know of such developments. While there are television stati tattoo ons and channels syndicated worldwide that bring news to the different countries of the world, on the more personal level the Internet is more effective and detailed. It can show the panorama of devastation, the individual tragedies and the heroism of some in ways that conventional news systems are incapable of, or at least are not allowed to.

Take for example, the floods that filled the cities and nearby communities of Manila, Philippines. Through the tattoo kits Internet, affected Internet familiar techies sent out status reports of any areas including pictures and short videos, appeals for immediate and more longterm assistance, and what people do to cope with or react to the emergency they face. Many of these video vignettes or digital snapshots were sent electronically read via the Internet to news and television stations coordinating rescue or aid operations. The sent appeals were in turn forwarded to those in charge of the operations resulting in many people being saved just in the nick of time.

In using the Internet, the techies exploited the more popular social media sites, posting the shots and videos in their own accounts and those of the television networks. Thus the media files were immediately received by many of those concerned, and, in the case of the networks, aired right away. The public was apprised of the developments only a little time after these developments transpired and therefore many were aware how great the calamity was. Among the endresults were overwhelming responses from other people and even those who were affected, if just slightly, by the floods. Overseas Filipinos from all continents also responded, often anonymously.

This event and similar ones that occurred recently are just examples on how the Internet news forms and formats changed and are changing the world and societies in general. Its penetration of the erstwhile Bamboo Curtain or Communist China enabled the citizens of that country to witness what is happening in the 'outside world' so that, experts say, it influenced the leadership to allow some limited capitalism there, outside of Hong Kong. Today millions of mainland Chinese (as opposed to overseas Chinese), especially the youth, are into the Internet and very much onto the events in the world.

The creation of the Internet can be considered one of the most fundamental developments that affected the world, along with the invention of the wheel, numbers and perhaps the telephone. This is because the Internet made possible instant world communications for the general public without much costs and effort. The dissemination of personal information is today quicker and more complete via the social sites Web2.0 on top of the older electronic mail formats or Web 1.0. The same can be said about sales, called Internet marketing, done by Internet habitues.

At any rate, the Internet has changed the way people interact with others in society. It has brought people closer, if not physically at least virtually, beginning with news about each other.. Tattoo Machine Kits